Our Team

At Charlie's Bucktails, we believe that our success is a direct reflection of the dedication, passion, and talent of our team. We go beyond recognizing our staff; we actively foster an environment where each team member feels valued, supported, and integral to our collective goals.

CEO / Founder

Charles Roman

Charlie started in the tackle business when he was just 13. He is now chasing his dream of creating the largest rig/jig business in the world. He is very excited to grow and is always looking for the next step in the process. Charlie looks forward to giving back to local fishing events and conservation efforts. Charlie loves fluke and tile fish in his free time.

Sales manager

Zak Smith

When Zak is not on the line with customers and looking for new markets, he is chasing his dreams looking into new business models, and working hard in the gym! He also loves to Fluke fish the jersey shore in his free time.

Sales Associates

Jake Schwartz

Jake is one of the best fisher men we know. Thats why we make sure to have him to talk to customers at the fishing shows. Jake love to fish the jersey coast for fluke and tuna on his new boat!

Packaging Specialist

Brayden Cianciulli

Brayden loves to fish and hunt. He does a great job packing orders and making sure inventory is always available. Brayden tends to have the hot hand when striper fishing on the jersey coast!

Warehouse Associate

Fisher Roman

When Fischer is not helping stock shelves, he is out on the water catching fish! Fischer currently holds the Unofficial junior world record for a tile fish he caught this past summer. The tile fish weighed 66 lbs!

About Us

Charlies's Bucktails all started with a need to make fishing easier for fisherman. At just 13 Charlie Roman started making and selling jigs. Charlie was fishing before he could walk. After a 5 years of selling and making jigs, Charlie now knows he has the best product on the market. We shoot to make it the easiest experienced for any fisherman, beginner or avid angler. We hope you join us along for the journey!

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